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The mantra of a paperless life has been with us almost since the introduction of the personal computer. I have always had an interest in computers beginning in my childhood when my father would bring home bits and pieces of electronics. Similarly, my interest in books, history and technology dates from childhood since books and the technology magazines of the time were a source of eternal interest. Technology is not an invention of the twentieth century, people have had an abiding interest in improving their lives since the dawn of time.

The magic of technology can be seductive, and it is more than possible to become a slave of technology rather than bending the magic to your own uses. I have on occasion purchased more technology than I needed and the result is almost always an unopened box which rapidly becomes obsolete. Stuff for the sake of new stuff is not the point of this website. There are many other sites devoted to reviews and initial impressions of new equipment.  I have had a problem with many of these reviews because they are made in a vacuum as if you have no other equipment. A good parallel is the purchase of an individual stock. The merits of the stock are influenced by your other holdings, a good tech stock is one thing but if you have a dozen other tech stocks it may not be right for you. Here, equipment is judged by the contribution to the whole, how well it plays with the things I have now and how it makes my life better. Simplicity and usability are the criteria and while some new things may have a few desirable features, if they complicate my life they cannot be used. Along the way I have developed some basic principles which I hope will be of use to you the reader. Feel free to modify the rules to your own purposes, the goal is to bend technology magic to fulfil life’s needs and desires and to remain as unobtrusive as possible. If these pages have struck a chord or if you have something to say, please write me and I will include it here.

Kurt Buzard MD FACS



Bug Stuff

I bought the Ipad when it was first introduced (64MB WiFi and 3G) and aside from a few gripes, it has almost made me ditch my PC computer entirely. This was not my first Apple product, I began with an Iphone 3G which was upgraded to the Iphone 4 (more on that later).

Apple Products come with different limitations than PC products. But the amazing thing is that they work perfectly from the beginning and and even later on. No tricky setup, no complicated instructions. The one point of intersection of my Apple products and PC is with Itunes and Quicktime, they do not co-exist nicely with my PC. After experiencing several Apple products, maybe I would like someone to carefully examine software and hardware before adding to my system.


IE 8 and Mozilla DEP problems

Is your browser crashing with a DEP problem? Use following simple steps and your problem will be solved:



Code 39 error for cd/dvd

Did your DVD or CD suddenly disappear in “my computer”? If this happened to you this is the fix.


Strobe XP 450 uninstall and reinstall

After an update my Strobe XP 450 stopped working. I found these uninstall and re-install instructions.


Western Digital Button Manager

For some reason my Norton firewall fails to automatically recognize this little program, here is the fix.


Map Media-Hub NMH series

Need to map a drive to Linksys NAS NMH series? Here is the trick



I mistakenly installed an older version of intellipoint on my Vista64 computer with unpleasant side effects. Every time the computer would “hibernate” it would freeze up and needed a full restart.



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“A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it”

George Carlin


In January of 2010, Cisco discontinued their home audio and media hub after less than a year of production and without a press release.

This a disturbing development since the system was not cheap and now has no support. I had looked at systems from other vendors but bought this system because of the past reliability of Cisco. This alone would make me reconsider my preference for Linksys products (consumer division of Cisco). An even bigger issue is their consumer WiFi router line. I did not realize how poor the range and how slow this router was until I started using the Ipad. The specs say Apple and Linksys WiFi products are comparable often based on features I don’t use. Bottom line, I am coming to the conclusion that I just want stuff to work, the first time, no downloads, no excuses, this is not Cisco.